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Medicare Made Easy


About Us

The Average Medicare beneficiary has 24 Advantage plans to chose from. 

Why is Medicare so confusing? Well, we sure try to make your choices easy 

while filling in your gaps of coverage at a cost you feel comfortable with.

At HealthcarepathRI we have over 30 years of professional industry experience.   

We are state licensed and Government Certified.   We know Medicare.                                   


How We Can Help You

Some common questions we address are:

What is Original Medicare?

Am I stuck in a network when I chose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Are Medicare Supplements Gap Insurance?

Is Part A always zero premium?

Does my Income determine my Part B premium?

We help everyone understand the facts of Original Medicare and with your help we will understand your concerns, your current state of health and your affordability in retirement.



See the Difference

We help you choose your health care path and we especially enjoy pointing out every awesome detail of your plan!

With some Advantage plans, you will chose from a catalog that allows $200 of additional over the counter health products every year.

$2,000 in covered Routine and Comprehensive Dental Services

Hearing Aids -up to 2 hearing aids every 2 years with a low copay.


What We Cover

Coverage #1



Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medigap is private health insurance that helps supplement Original Medicare and cover most out of pocket costs like co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles.  This plan is popular because there is no network or referrals to worry about!

Coverage #2


Get familiar with your Medicare Advantage Plan!

Its broad coverage allows you to get Medical benefits, Other Benefits and Services Beyond Original Medicare, Prescription Drugs, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Gym Memberships and Chiropractic Care!

Coverage #3


Short Term Home Health Care

Because, like most Americans, you would prefer to recuperate at home.

A daily benefit for each day you receive health care services at home.

Skilled nursing care, RN, General nursing care LPN, Medical Social Services



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